Let’s talk diabetes

My name is Jerry and I, like most of you, have lived with diabetes for many years.

I was originally diagnosed with Type I at age 16, 37 years ago, and have since tried to learn as much as I can about diabetes from books, friends with diabetes, diabetes doctors + CDEs, and my own experiences to help me learn how to live long and well with diabetes. Diabetes is a disease I didn’t want and wouldn’t wish on anyone. On the positive side, it has motivated me to make life choices that have improved my overall health, i.e. regular exercise, a balanced diet, regular doctor visits, etc. I have also met numerous friends in the industry that have given me much-needed education and encouragement over the years including: John Walsh, CDE (www.diabetesnet.com), David Mendosa (www.mendosa.com), Michael Robinton (www.insulin-pumpers.org), Jeff Hitchcock (www.childrenwithdiabetes.com), Jim Turner (www.dLife.com ) , Dr. Paul Chous (www.diabeticeyes.com), and many others.

In 1983 I had the opportunity, even with diabetes, to realize a longtime dream of riding a bicycle across North America – a 4,200 mile adventure!

I love the outdoors and now in my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, nature photography, relic hunting, mountain biking, trail running, and genealogy study – my great great cousin was Wyatt Earp!

For the past four years I have had the pleasure of working in the diabetes industry with a company, Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC, that is breaking new ground in the development of innovative new products for people with diabetes.

I think it is fair to say that I have a passion to Live Well with Diabetes and help others to do the same!

Please keep coming back. After 37 years of living a great and healthy life with diabetes, I have a lot I want to offer.


About Jerry Munden

I've been living well with diabetes for 30-plus years - and you can too!
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