Living 37 years with diabetes

I know in my 37 years of living with Type I diabetes I have run the gamut of “diabetes experiences.”   Being an active runner, bicyclist, golfer, etc., I have had way more than my share of low blood sugar “learning experiences”

Since beginning insulin pump therapy 11 years ago, the “lows” have been a lot less frequent and “softer,” if you will. There are many, that know me well, that may say that switching to pump therapy saved my life. Having experienced the great weight of self-doubt and difficulties that living with diabetes can bring, I am passionate about doing what I can to encourage, motivate, and equip other people to “Live Well with Diabetes.” I have good memories one summer of working as a Diabetes Camp Counselor and encouraging, playing, teaching, laughing, and sharing life with the 12 sixth graders with diabetes in my group!  We gave a lot of oranges their daily shots and ate tubs of my favorite food . . . peanut butter!

It is that same passion that now drives me to work with Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC,  and help design innovative new products that equip people with the tools they need to take on diabetes and win.

I am always an optimist and diabetes, when treated properly, can be just a hiccup in the Great Adventure of Life!


About Jerry Munden

I've been living well with diabetes for 30-plus years - and you can too!
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