Taking to the airwaves

How many of us know the many circumstances and quirks that can change the best laid plans of mice and men . . . and people with diabetes?

I’ve read many of the diabetes how-to books, but it always seems to come as a “surprise” to me when my blood sugar doesn’t follow my plan and goes off on its own. I can usually look back and find some logical reason, i.e. a stressful meeting, a bit too much lunch, or more time and effort than I expected in washing the car. These are all part of a normal day, but for someone with diabetes trying to stay healthy, it’s wise to spend the extra time and effort to take these things into account. Being aware that these “things”, and many more, affect our blood sugar is good to know. It’s not beneficial to get carried away and paranoid . . .  just wise to be mindful and aware! The more we know about what activities impact our blood sugar levels, the better prepared we are to make wise choices and relax. One of the best how-to series of living with diabetes books I have read is authored by John Walsh, CDE. John has lived himself with diabetes for many years and he has a way of explaining things in a way that makes sense and are doable. His website is: www.diabetesmall.net.

I will be on two radio shows next week. Please feel free to join in and learn about diabetes, new Prodigy® products, and share your thoughts . . .

¨             Tuesday 5/18/10 8:00pm EST Disabled and Proud  http://www.kfai.org

¨             Wednesday 5/19/10 8:00pm EST ThruOurEyes http://www.thruoureyes.org

Life is good!

Talk to you soon.



About Jerry Munden

I've been living well with diabetes for 30-plus years - and you can too!
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