American Idol example

How many are watching American Idol this season?

So many people shy away from their dreams and say or think “I can’t do that . . . I have diabetes.”

I congratulate Crystal Bowersox of American Idol for reaching the final three in spite of her diabetes!

I heard that early in the American Idol season this year they had to reschedule a program due to Crystal having a low blood sugar episode before a show. Crystal has subsequently made adjustments to her diabetes routine to fit her new circumstances . . . singing on an international stage and being judged by tens of millions including Simon Cowell!

Keep singing your heart out Crystal . . . your diabetic friends cheer your success and your CAN DO attitude!

The take home from this?

If you have diabetes keep dreaming, singing, and dancing . . . Life is Good!

Life . . . be in it!


I will be on two radio shows next week. Please join in and learn about diabetes, new Prodigy® products, and share your thoughts . . .

¨                                            Tuesday 5/18/10 8:00pm EST Disabled and Proud

¨                                            Wednesday 5/19/10 8:00pm EST ThruOurEyes


About Jerry Munden

I've been living well with diabetes for 30-plus years - and you can too!
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