Crystal Bowersox still a winner

Crystal may not have won American Idol, but she’s still a winner!!!

So many people shy away from their dreams and say or think “I can’t do that . . . I have diabetes.”

I congratulate Crystal Bowersox of American Idol for WINNING in spite of her diabetes!

Is the cup half empty or half full? Often times we see only the negative side of diabetes. Diabetes can also be used as a built in alarm system or a constant reminder and motivator to help us make healthy life choices.

I see immediate results when I eat the wrong food or too much as well as when I choose not to do the exercise I planned to do. Diabetes is a watchdog that motivates me and gets me out the door to run when it would be easier to roll over and go back to sleep. If life hands you a lemon (diabetes) why not make lemonade – have a good attitude and use it as a motivator to help you live even healthier than you might otherwise!

Crystal made some adjustments and won . . . so can you and I !

Let’s join Crystal’s CAN DO attitude . . . and see what we can accomplish . . . even with diabetes!

The take home from this?

If you have diabetes, keep dreaming, singing, and dancing . . . Life is good!

Life . . . be in it!



About Jerry Munden

I've been living well with diabetes for 30-plus years - and you can too!
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